Global organizations today face many evolving challenges in addressing issues of regulation, law enforcement, public scrutiny, and misconduct. When a crisis hits, CEOs and directors often receive conflicting advice, not knowing where to turn as they grapple with difficult decisions. Ortus is the first firm to offer advisory services that seamlessly integrate crisis response and a transformation-focused approach to organizational change. In particular, Ortus helps CEOs and Board members develop strategic roadmaps that bring clarity to complex crisis situations, reducing confusion and uncertainty in the process.

How we can help

At Ortus, we help organizations prioritize efforts in response to a triggering event or potential threat, by building one comprehensive and strategic plan for leaders and other stakeholders to follow. The plan follows our Empowering Integrity approach, with three key stages:
  • RESPOND effectively to incidents, regulatory and reputational threats
  • REBUILD organizational structures and an effective compliance program
  • TRANSFORM the way you do business

Across each of these three stages, our specific suite of services includes:

• Ortus undertakes credible, independent reviews and investigations of corporate ethical matters, as well as independent progress assessments in the implementation of remedial measures.
• Ortus advises and supports organizations in responding to compliance crises through various initiatives including the development of effective remedial measures and comprehensive roadmaps for lasting integrity transformation.
• Ortus works with corporate leaders to develop strategic approaches towards effective resolution of legal and regulatory proceedings.
• Ortus assists clients with the design and implementation of effective, risk-based, and sustainable ethics and compliance programs, aligned with global benchmarks and evolving regulator expectations.
• Ortus conducts independent gap analyses and monitoring of ethics and compliance programs, reporting to independent directors, executives, and regulators as appropriate.
• Ortus provides best-in-class training and mentoring to directors and executives, with a focus on effective governance and ethical leadership.
• Ortus can function as an independent advisor or an independent monitor, guiding organizations through transformative measures designed to achieve and sustain excellence in integrity and corporate responsibility.
• Ortus works with organizations on developing transformational change strategies, addressing culture, strategy, business models, practices, and organizational structures.